1975-02-28 Hang On To Your Heads (TDOLZ)

Led Zeppelin
Hang On To Your Heads (TDOLZ)
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Very Good Audience Recording
Silvers > EAC > Wave >flacx3
Disc 1
02-Rock And Roll
03-Sick Again
04-Over The Hills And Far Away
05-In My Time Of Dying
06-The Song Remains The Same
07-Rain Song
Disc 2
01-No Quarter
02-Trampled Underfoot
03-Moby Dick
Disc 3
01-Dazed And Confused
02-Stairway To Heaven
03-Whole Lotta Love
04-Black Dog
Notes from the original info file:
This release uses a near excellent audience tape source with very little noticeable tape hiss. The recorder is very close to the stage and all the instruments are well balanced. There is a fair amount of bass in the mix that produces a low rumbling sound at certain points. But it does not distort the tape and can be easily reduced. Someone nearby blows a whistle at the beginning and end of the show. Its only interference during the show occurs once at the beginning of Stairway to Heaven. For the most part, the audience is quiet around the recorder. Some muffled conversations can be heard during Moby Dick. Plant’s vocals are at their worst for the first two tracks. He does improve during the show, but does not push himself. There have been four previous releases of this show. The first was Freeze (Tarantura). It was cloned on the release Led Astray (Silver Rarities). The others were Bon Soir, Baton Rouge! (Capricorn Records) and Blaze (Immigrant). All of the Blaze releases I heard had a defect in them that resulted in skips during Dazed & Confused. So I avoided that release and cannot comment on its sound quality or completeness. Freeze, Led Astray and Hang on to Your Heads are complete. Bon Soir, Baton Rouge! omitted Dazed & Confused to fit the show on 2 CD’s. It has the same tape problems as Hang on to Your Heads. But it also has a minute cut from the introduction, shifts to one channel for 4 seconds at the end of No Quarter’s piano solo and runs 3% too slow. Freeze runs at the same speed as Hang on to Your Heads and has the same tape problems. But the channel shift in the introduction on Freeze is very noticeable. Tarantura also “enhanced” its tape by reducing the bass slightly (good) and raising the upper frequencies (bad). Their latter effort resulted in an increase in tape hiss. Both Freeze and Hang on to Your Heads use very low generation tapes. Temper the tape hiss on Freeze, and it compares well with Hang on to Your Heads.
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