List of The Firm sources

I’ve had a couple of requests for shows of The Firm. Below are sources that I have in my collection–as of today. (I am still trying to obtain a few more.)
It will take me a while to get these uploaded (this is a busy week with work, so I am not able to spend as much time working on the web site). But let me know if there are specific sources in this list you would like, and I can upload those first.
The Firm 1984-01-27 London SBD – 1984 Rehearsals
The Firm 1984-11-29 Stockholm Sweden am to dat c2 (KRW_CO)
The Firm 1984-11-30 Copenhagen (RLR)
The Firm 1984-12-01 Lund Sweden am to dat c2 (KRW_CO)
The Firm 1984-12-03 Frankfurt
The Firm 1984-12-03 Kongresshalle Frankfurt, Germany (tonsofsobs)
The Firm 1984-12-04 Ludwigshafen
The Firm 1984-12-05 Hamburg
The Firm 1984-12-07 Middlesborn SBD or EX+ Aud
The Firm 1984-12-08 Hammersmith Odeon, London, England
The Firm 1984-12-08 Midas Touch (Outrider)
The Firm 1984-12-08&1985-05-22 United Kingdom Part I
The Firm 1984-12-09 Hammersmith Odeon London England Pro Shot ntsc (KRW_CO)
The Firm 1984-12-09 London Pro-shot 2xDVD5
The Firm 1984-12-09 London, England-Hammersmith Odeon (Pro-shot DVD9)
The Firm 1984-12-09 The Tale of the Firm (Tarantura)
The Firm 1984-1986 Outtakes (Midas Touch)
The Firm 1984-xx-xx Rehearsals
The Firm 1985-02-28 Dallas, TX
The Firm 1985-03-10 McNichols Arena Denver, CO
The Firm 1985-03-14 Los Angeles – Double Closer (Blimp)
The Firm 1985-03-14 The Forum, Los Angeles, CA – Pre-FM Vinyl
The Firm 1985-03-15 Oakland – Double Closer (Blimp)
The Firm 1985-03-16 Costa Mesa, CA (LP transfer)
The Firm 1985-03-16 Pacific Amphitheatre, Costa Mesa SBD
The Firm 1985-03-18 Tingley Coliseum, Albuquerque SBD
The Firm 1985-03-23 Austin, TX – The Smugglers SBD
The Firm 1985-03-23 Austin, TX AUD
The Firm 1985-03-24 Lakefront Arena New Orleans, LA
The Firm 1985-04-23 St. Paul, MN
The Firm 1985-04-29 Madison Square Garden
The Firm 1985-05-08 Centrum Worcester MA (Stereo Version)
The Firm 1985-05-20 Edinburgh 3rd gen SBD – 48kHz 24bit Audio DVD
The Firm 1985-06-20 London – Instrumental Rehearsals (Presence)
The Firm 1985-1986 Westwood One Superstar Concert Series (Pre-FM)
The Firm 1986-03-22 New Haven, CT
The Firm 1986-03-29 Rochester NY (Bargain Basement Tape)
The Firm 1986-03-29 War Memorial, Rochester, NY (with Virginia Wolf) (kingrue)
The Firm 1986-04-01 Boston aud master (glasnsostrd19)
The Firm 1986-04-03 Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Uniondale, NY 1Gen
The Firm 1986-04-03 Uniondale cassette rip
The Firm 1986-04-04 Brendan Byrne Arena, East Rutherford, NJ
The Firm 1986-04-23 Atlanta, GA
The Firm 1986-04-27 Wings Stadium Kalamazoo MI 1st Gen (KRW_CO)
The Firm 1986-04-29 Purdue Univ. West Lafayette, IN (Aud)
The Firm 1986-05-11 Cleveland Pre-FM WW1 (transfer from 3 LP set)
The Firm 1986-05-11 Cleveland, OH (SBD)
The Firm 1986-05-11 Richfield, OH (FM)
The Firm 1986-05-14 Kansas City
The Firm 1986-05-23 Pacific Amphitheatre, Costa Mesa, CA
The Firm 1986-05-28 Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle, WA
The Firm 1986-05-28 Seattle, WA (AUD DVD)

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