1973-05-19 Mr. Soundman (Winston Remasters)

Led Zeppelin
Convention Center
Fort Worth Texas

Mr. Soundman

Source 1stGenCass>VHS>Remaster>FLAC

Samplitude Professional with Waves plugins used to enhance the sound.

CD 1
1 – Rock And Roll
2 – Celebration Day
3 – Black Dog
4 – Over The Hills And Far Away
5 – Misty Mountain Hop
6 – Since I’ve Been Loving You
7 – No Quarter
8 – The Song Remains the Same
9 – The Rain Song (cut)

CD 2
1 – Dazed And Confused
2 – Stairway To Heaven

*Warning.. this will not sound as good as “How the West Was Won”
but Ive been told it sounds alot better than “Tympani For The Butter Queen”
Remastering is just a hobby.. so enjoy this for what it is 🙂

Artwork is included

Please trade and share freely
Please Do Not Sell in any format
Please Do Not MP3



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