1973-07-21 Audience Recording – 1st Gen (Winston Remasters)

Led Zeppelin
Providence, RI

My first gen cassettes-Nak BX300-Echo Mix Soundcard
Samplitude-96khz 24bit Speed Corrected and Down Sampled
using Soundforge with anti alias filtering-Dithered to 16bit using POW-R
CD’s made with CD Architect

Set List

Rock and Roll
Celebration Day
Black Dog
Over The Hills & Far Away
Misty Mt. Hop
No Quarter
The Song Remains The Same (cut)
The Rain Song

Dazed and Confused (cut)
Stairway To Heaven
Moby Dick
Whole Lotta Love (cut)
The Ocean

I received these tapes from a Steve Jobe (if you’re out there of if anyone knows him tell him to contact me) who told me that they were 1st gens.
I gave them to Winston who did all the work. It is his wish that I offer the original as is tape transfer.
Note to bootleggers if you sell this keep your prices down and don’t do any additional mastering leave the tape alone.

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