1975-03-12 Mike The Mike Tribute Series (Winston Remasters)

Led Zeppelin
Civic Arena, Long Beach, California
March 12th 1975
2 source AUD
Original notes by Winston:
It has been brought to my attention by a very good trusted friend that a Japanese Bootleg Label BADGEHOLDERS has used this remaster for their titled recent release “Taking No Prisoners Tonight”. The Winston Remaster version was seeded on EZT last fall. This is why I love Bit Torrent and places like the Traders Den. When stuff like this happens .. inform and reseed. So if anybody from the BADGEHOLDERS label are reading this.. this will happen everytime you do a rip off, from me at least Smile.
For the people looking for a pristine Millard show.. the last 4 1/2 tracks on CD3 is all there is.. I understand he got to this show late. CD 1&2 and first 1 1/2 tracks on CD3 are from a bass distorted source. It was a “5/10” and I was told I made it into about a “6 – 6 1/2” out of 10.
1st source – Taper Unknown – 1stGenCass>CDR>Remaster>Flac – (Rock and Roll thru 3 minutes into Stairway to Heaven)
2nd source – Millard – 1stGenCass>DAT>Remaster>Flac – (3 minutes into Stairway to Heaven to End)
Remaster Notes – 1st source has bass distortion. reduced with EQ & Dynamics to give it balance 2nd source (Millard Source) declicked dehissed Enhanced with EQ & Dynamics
Title – Mike the Mike Tribute Series 3/12/75
CD 1
1. Rock And Roll
2. Sick Again
3. Over The Hills And Far Away
4. In My Time of Dying
5. The Song Remains The Same (Cut Middle & last few seconds cut)
6. The Rain Song (first few seconds cut)
7. Kashmir
CD 2
1. No Quarter (end cut)
2. Trampled Underfoot
3. Moby Dick
CD 3
1. Dazed And Confused
2. Stairway To Heaven
3. Whole Lotta Love (intro)
4. The Crunge (includes Rhythm Stick)
5. Black Dog
6. Heartbreaker (includes I’m A Man)
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