1970-01-09 Jimmy's Birthday Party (EVSD 4 CD)

Led Zeppelin
Royal Albert Hall
London, UK
Jimmy’s Birthday Party
EVSD 4 CD set
Ripped from original silvers
Version A
101 We’re Gonna Groove
102 I Can’t Quit You Baby
103 Dazed And Confused
104 Heartbreaker
105 White Summer – Black Mountain Side
106 What Is And What Should Never Be
107 Moby Dick
201 How Many More Times
202 Bring It On Home
203 Whole Lotta Love
204 Communication Breakdown
205 C’mon Everybody
206 Something Else
207 Long Tall Sally
Version B
301 We’re Gonna Groove
302 I Can’t Quit You Baby
303 Dazed And Confused
304 Heartbreaker
305 White Summer – Black Mountain Side
306 What Is And What Should Never Be
307 Moby Dick
401 How Many More Times
402 Bring It On Home
403 Whole Lotta Love
404 Communication Breakdown
405 C’mon Everybody
406 Something Else
407 Long Tall Sally
Bonus Track
408 Communication Breakdown
From the BootLedZ.com web site:
“EV’s title’s biggest contribution is that it debuts an almost four minute fragment of Heartbreaker. The first two cds attempt to reconstruct the show. It uses parts of the old familiar boot tape audio, excellent quality tape for the official release, and some audience tape not made available anywhere else. The old pro tape is used mostly between songs and during HMMT. For some reason, they only used the first two minutes of Heartbreaker instead of the four minutes they debuted on the last two cds in the title. There are other, lesser, flaws here not found on EV’s other two cds as well. EV’s last two cds are an edited version of the show and is excellent quality the whole way through. It doesn’t seem to have any special mastering.”
Artwork included.
Download from FileFactory:
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