LZ 1975-03-21 Hammer Of The Gods (EAT 200-203)

Led Zeppelin
Seattle Center Coliseum
Seattle, WA
Seattle 1975 – Hammer Of The Gods
Eat A Peach (EAT 200-203)
Ripped from silvers
101 Introduction
102 Rock And Roll
103 Sick Again
104 Over The Hills And Far Away
105 In My Time Of Dying
106 The Song Remains The Same
107 The Rain Song
108 Kashmir
201 No Quarter
202 Since I’ve Been Loving You
203 Trampled Underfoot
301 Moby Dick
302 Dazed And Confused
401 Stairway To Heaven
402 Whole Lotta Love
403 Black Dog
404 Communication Breakdown
405 Heartbreaker
This Eat A Peach release is a combination of the EVSD soundboard release and the 2 audience sources of this show (perhaps in the form of the ‘Definitely Seattle’ 2 AUD source mix). This might be based on the matrix by CuztardPi, but is about a minute shorter.
Artwork included.
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