LZ 1972-10-03 Audience Recording – Source 5 – 2nd Gen

Led Zeppelin – “Nippon Budokan Hall, 3rd Tape Source, 2nd Gen > DAT > CD-R”
October, 3rd, 1972, Tokyo, Japan, Nippon Budokan (Budokan Hall)
Audience Recording
Lineage: 2nd Gen > DAT > CD-R (2) > EAC, Secure Mode, Accurate Stream, No Disable Cache > WAV > Flac (Level.8, Align On SBE’s) > Flac
Label: N/A
Original Taper: N/A
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Cheers and thanks go out to Willie C, and my mate Porgie for sharing this release.
Disc One:
1) Rock And Roll
2) Black Dog
3) Over The Hills And Far Away
4) Misty Mountain Hop
5) Since I’ve Been Loving You
6) Dancing Days
7) Bron-Y-Aur Stomp
Disc Two:
1) The Overture/The Song Remains The Same
2) The Rain song
3) Dazed And Confused (Includes: “The Crunge”)
4) Stairway To Heaven
5) Whole Lotta Love (Medley) (Has Some Digital Noise Near The End Of The Song)
– Everybody Needs Somebody To Love (Instrumental)
– Boogie Chillen
– Let’s Have A Party
– You Shook Me
6) Immigrant Song
7) The Ocean
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This tape source was used for the bootleg release “Explosion” from the Flagge label, but this sounds much better.
Very sharp, and punchy sound quality, with some nice low end to balance it out.
I personally think that this performance is much better than the 1st night in Tokyo, the group seemed nervous, and their performance was quite shaky, this show has a lot more tightness to it, but that’s just my opinion on that.
“Whole Lotta Love” has some digital noise that sort of resembles LP pop and crackle, I’ve tried to remove and buffer out as much as possible with the audio programs I have available on my computer, I did have some success (the sounds aren’t as dominant as they were before) but they are still present.
The show was burned on to crappy “Nexxtech” CD-R’s, which probably explains the digital noise, and goes to show that you should never cheap out on discs if you want your audio to not only sound good, but last long.
Hope everyone here will enjoy this.

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