LZ 1972-10-03 Audience Recording – Source 8 – Unknown Gen

Led Zeppelin – “Nippon Budokan, Unknown Gen > CD-R”
October, 3rd, 1972, Tokyo, Japan, Nippon Budokan (Budokan Hall)
Audience Recording
Lineage: Unknown Gen Cassette > CD-R (2) > EAC > WAV > Goldwave (WAV files joined and split into individual tracks) > Flac (Level.8, Align On SBE’S) > Flac (Tracks Tested With TLH, No Errors Occured)
Label: N/A
Original Taper: N/A

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Cheers and thanks go out to my mate Luciferburns for taking the time to transfer his cassettes, sharing this release with me, and for allowing me to share it with others.

Disc One:

1) Rock And Roll
2) Black Dog
3) Over The Hills And Far Away
4) Misty Mountain Hop
5) Since I’ve Been Loving You
6) Dancing Days
7) Bron-Y-Aur Stomp
8) The Overture/The Song Remains The Same
9) The Rain Song

Disc Two:

1) Dazed And Confused (Has A Brief Tape Cut Near Beginning Of Song,Includes: “The Crunge”)
2) Stairway To Heaven (Includes: “Blue Suede Shoes”, (Tease) )
3) Whole Lotta Love (Medley)
– Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
– Boogie Chillen
– Let’s Have A Party
– You Shook Me


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I’m sorry that I don’t have concrete generational lineage on the cassettes used for this release, but I do think this version could be a low gen release because there is very little tape hiss on the recording.

I originally believed that this recording was the 1st tape source, (which had been used for bootleg releases like “The Campaign”), because of these following reasons:

– The 1st tape source is missing the Goro Itoi introduction, this recording is also missing the introduction.
– The 1st tape source was taped at a slight distance from the stage, creating a slight echo, and the most dominant instruments in the mix are the vocals and drums, this recording has simular sound.
– The total tape times of both recordings are very simular/close, with only a slight difference in tape times. Low gen releases of the 1st tape source clock in at 100 minutes, this tape source clocks in at 113 minutes, a difference of 13 minutes more tape for this release than the low gen release.

But now I’m not so sure this is the 1st tape source because the 1st tape source has the encores “Immigrant Song”, and “The Ocean”, and this version doesn’t have either of those songs.

I could use some help identifying this tape source.

The files had to be run through Goldwave to be properly broken up into individual tracks, the discs I extracted the audio from weren’t split up into individual tracks, so I did that before posting.

I haven’t done any remastering to this recording.

Hope everyone here will enjoy.

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