LZ 1972-10-03 Live At The Big Hall Budokan (TDOLZ VOL.73)

Led Zeppelin
Title: Live at The Big Hall Budokan (Second Night)
Date: 10/3/72
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Lineage: silvers>cdrs>EAC test and copy secure mode>WAVs>Flac Frontend encode (level 8 align on sec. boundaries) and test>flacs
WAVs tested with Traders Little Helper.

Disc 1:
1-Rock and Roll
2-Black Dog
3-Over the Hills…
4-Misty Mountain Hop
5-Since I’ve Been…
6-Dancing Days
7-Bron y Aur Stomp
8-The Song Remains..
9-The Rain Song
Disc 2:
1-Dazed and Confused
2-Stairway to Heaven
3-Blue Suede Shoes
4-Whole Lotta Love
5-Immigrant Song
6-The Ocean
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I would say this is a very good recording with a great sense of space and atmosphere despite the slight bass distortion and distance. It comes from a single source and is different than Tarantura’s or Flagge’s. The performance is very lean and tight, better musically IMO than the previous night’s show.
from bootledz:
10-3-72, sources 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6
The Campaign (Tarantura), Explosion (Flagge), Great Dictator (Wendy), Live At the Big Hall Budokan Oct 3 1972 (TDOLZ), Live In Japan 1972 (LSD), Live In Tokyo (Amsterdam, 3cd), Majestic Rock (Reel Masters), No Use Greco (Tarantura2000, 3cd), & 2nd Night In a Judo Arena (Tarantura)
Sources, numbered relative to chronological release date: Tarantura = source 1, Amsterdam = source 2, TDOLZ = source 3, Flagge = source 4, Reel Masters = source 5, & Tarantura2000 = 6.
The two Tarantura titles are mostly from the first source. The introduction and Dazed come from source two. The Campaign re-issued source one used in it’s earlier title. This time, they made a few edits at cuts. One of the edits is after Stairway To Heaven. It replaces 20 seconds of the original tape with 10 seconds of tape from elsewhere.
Amsterdam and TDOLZ titles are exclusively from single, separate sources, numbers two and three. Amsterdam runs a bit fast and could have been easily placed on two cds instead of three.
Flagge’s title is from the fourth source, but not entirely. It uses some of the TDOLZ source to complete Dazed and talk between some songs. Some of the tape after the show is borrowed from the Amsterdam source.
Reel Masters is from the fifth source, but not entirely. It uses some of the TDOLZ source to complete Rain Song and Stairway To Heaven.
Tarantura2000 is from the fifth source, but not entirely. It uses some of the TDOLZ source after Rain Song. Brief splicing occurs during Whole Lotta Love too. The title could have been placed on two cds.
LSD is a 2 source mix. It uses the Amsterdam source up to the beginning of Stairway and then uses the Tarantura source for the remainder. The source shared with Amsterdam is much better sounding and runs at the proper speed.
Wendy is a similar mixture as LSD, but they throw in the TDOLZ source briefly after Stairway. The two splices during Dazed are hopefully not mixing in the remaining two tapes.

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