Page and Plant 1995-04-01 Detroit Pro-Shot DVD

Page and Plant
Detroit, MI
VHS>NTSC Toshiba SE-R0265 DVD Recorder (S-VHS-input & Best R Quality)>Torrent
1.”Ramble On/Thank You”
2.”Hey, Hey, What Can I Do”
3.”Four Sticks”
4.”In The Evening”
Notes: Outstanding performance that was considered for an official “sampler” release. **A “MUST HAVE” FOR YOUR PAGE & PLANT COLLECTION**
The above is not my review; it is Presence’s describing the soundboard torrent he put up in 2006. Also, I had nothing to do with the shooting/production/post-production of this video. I say that, because, I wish I had! It is that good. AND NOW, IT”S A VIDEO ON DVD. I’m surprised this isn’t on the tracker; as, it’s professionally shot and the audio appears to be from the soundboard. I know nothing of the lineage of the source; as, I got this on VHS at a record show in the Midwest in the mid-90s.
That being said the playing, production and in-camera(?) effects are great. I don’t want to put a lot of expectations into anyone’s head; but, I will present one example: During a superb “Thank You”, Pagey’s first solo brings the house down, so much so they have to stop to let the shocked crowd roar its head off. Page’s impish, “what-did-I-do?” smile, as he realizes how well the solo came across, is priceless and one of the reasons why I love this dude. The SRTS-like mirrored split-screen effect is very effective during said solo and accents nicely the elegant, yet strong, playing.
My one advice besides Prez’s: burn this to DVD and listen and watch through your best home-entertainment set-up.
Download from!nosX3Q6J!DO-7Ez5BpintfQCl_MvGeg

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