LZ 1971-09-29 Live In The Fairy Tale (Tarantura)

Led Zeppelin
Festival Hall
Osaka, Japan
Live In The Fairy Tale
Tarantura (TCD-190-1,2)
August 2018

Audience recording
Recorded by Mr. Peach
Extracted to FLAC from original silver CDs via EZ CD Audio Converter
101 Opening
102 Immigrant Song
103 Heartbreaker
104 Since I’ve Been Loving You
105 Black Dog
106 Dazed And Confused
201 MC
202 Stairway To Heaven
203 Celebration Day
204 That’s The Way
205 Going To California
206 Tangerine
207 Friends
208 Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
209 What Is And What Should Never Be
210 Moby Dick (fade out)
Artwork included.
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