LZ 1973-01-07 Oxford 1973 (TDOLZ VOL.75)

Led Zeppelin,7 Jan 1973,New Theatre,Oxford,UK

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1-Rock and roll
2-Over the hills and far away
3-Black dog
4-Misty mountain hop
5-Since I’ve been loving you
6-Dancing days
7-Bron Y aur stomp
8-The song remains the same
9-The rain song


1-Dazed and confused
2-Stairway to heaven
3-Whole lotta love

review from Underground Uprising:

Oxford 73 (Diagrams Of Led Zeppelin) Per **** SQ **** Appeal G

This is the longer soundboard recording on two disks for the show at the New Theatre, Oxford on January 7, 1973.
As with a lot of recordings of this type, the guitar tends to be buried in the mix and the drums are up front.
The sound is clear but a bit bass heavy. There is a cut in the Rain Song and Whole Lotta Love is terminated as it
starts. Overall a good show, with only Plant’s weak vocals letting the side down on occasions. Excellent versions
of Misty Mountain Hop, Since I’ve been Loving You, Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp and Dazed. The drum work in Song Remains The
Same is amazing. (Tony Gassett Feb 99)

Oxford 1973 (TDOLZ 759801, 759802 The Diagrams of Led Zeppelin)

New Theatre, Oxford, U.K., January 7, 1973

CD 1: (50:16) Rock & Roll (first drum beat cut and the beginning slightly garbled as the tape starts), Over the
Hills and Far Away, Black Dog, Misty Mountain Hop, Since I’ve Been Loving You, Dancing Days, Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp,
The Song Remains the Same (the mix shifts to one channel for one second near the beginning), The Rain Song (middle
2 minutes cut including vocal/tympani section)

CD 2: (43:45) Dazed & Confused (includes San Francisco), Stairway to Heaven (very minor scratch sound in beginning),
Whole Lotta Love (ending cut just as the medleys start with Everybody Needs Somebody To Love)

The soundboard tape used for this release is excellent and contains very little noticeable tape hiss. The balance
of the instruments does favor the vocals and percussion. But the guitars are not completely lost in the mix. There
are 2 cue stops for Rock & Roll. Plant’s vocals are in the process of healing. This prevents him from hitting those
high notes at every attempt. He skips a few lines at the beginning of Whole Lotta Love (possible PA problems) and
barely makes through the ending of Stairway to Heaven. (Brian Ingham)

Oxford 1973 (TDOLZ)

Diagrams have released the definitive version of this soundboard tape, it sounds much clearer and sharper than
Tarantura’s MADE IN ENGLAND and so is a very valuable addition to any collection. (Jules McTrainspotter Jan 99)

artwork included

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