LZ 1977-04-09 Chicago ‘Party Foul I’ Hedrick Low Gen Source 1

Led Zeppelin
April 9th, 1977
Chicago, IL
Chicago Stadium
Audience Recording
“Party Foul I”

“Clouding the waters with unnecessary transfers.”

Susan had this tape labeled a “low gen, not from LP.”

It is Source 1, as I understand it.

  1. The Song Remains the Same
  2. Sick Again (with SIBLY false start)
  3. Nobody’s Fault But Mine
  4. Since I’ve Been Loving You
  5. No Quarter
  6. Ten Years Gone

This has nice presence and I’d like you to hear it.

Download from FileFactory: http://www.filefactory.com/file/78gjyzx2j4sb/LZ_1977-04-09%20Chicago%20’Party%20Foul%20I’%20Hedrick%20Low%20Gen%20Source%201.rar

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