LZ 1977-04-10 Audience Recording – Source 1 – 3rd Gen

Band Name; Led Zeppelin
City/State/Country: Chicago , U.S.A.
Date; 1977/04/10

Bootleg: Shake it Jimmy!

Source: Shared in DC++ by Erachief
Courtesy of Presense

Lineage: Unknown

what i did is just convert shn>wav>flac with Little Trader Helper.

Downloaded @ Royal-Orleans oct 2004

Thanks to original seeder,


This torrent is .SHN format.

Track Listing:

Disc 1
1) The Song Remains The Same
2) Sick Again
3) Nobody’s Fault But Mine
4) In My Time Of Dying
5) Since I’ve Been Loving You
6) No Quarter

Disc 2
1) Ten Years Gone
2) Battle Of Evermore
3) Going To California
4) Black Country Woman
5) Bron Yr Aur Stomp
6) Trampled Underfoot
7) White Summer/Black Mountainside
8) Kashmir

Disc 3
1) Moby Dick/Over The Top (Cut)
2) Jimmy’s Solo
3) Achilles Last Stand
4) Stairway To Heaven
5) Rock & Roll

Even though the artwork that came with this mentions Trampled Underfoot after Rock & Roll, it’s not. It’s where it should be!

These SHN files have not been uncompressed/decompressed they are the originals sent to me by Davstat (thanks agian mate!). I assume that this will be as downloaded by Erachief on DC++ and would check out against Jason’s originals.

These were (from memory) originally torrented on Sharing The Groove.

Chicago 4th Night 4-10-77
Unknown Lineage
Shared in DC++ by Erachief
Courtesy of Presense

Fair Distant Audience Recording
A bit distorted at times
This is one for the Ledhead/completist

Luis Rey:

Well, it sounds like the group is vindicating themselves after the disatrous third night at Chicago (theres even a brief reference to it). This is the last night, and there’s no more “food poisoning” for Jimmy….indeed he delivers the fastest, most powerful solo in NBFM ever recorded. Plant avoids the usual “Oh Jimmy” intro and simply commands Page to ” Shake It”!

Plant is becoming an expert at prolonging and sustaining his powerful howls that constantly shake the audience. The reference to “You Shook Me” during “In My Time of Dying” is slightly cut in this recording. “Since I’ve been Loving You” is dedicated to Willie Dixon and his freinds on the South side, with Page transforming it into a frenzied version of “Tea For One”.

Plant is in a good mood, sarcastically demanding an apology from a local radio station who accused Jimmy of drinking the whole day of the cancelled concert (“Jimmy doesn’t drink on tour”)….John Paul Jones plays stand up bass during the Stomp. Page does some strange, different arrangements of the solos during Trampled and Whits Summer (with long tense pauses), until Black Mountain Side is hurried by the audience with “C’mon”! and impatient clapping.

Download from FileFactory: http://www.filefactory.com/file/7k395eaje4sd/LZ_1977-04-10%20Audience%20Recording%20-%20Source%201%20-%203rd%20Gen.rar

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