LZ 1977-04-19 Riverfront Coliseum, Cincinnati OH [Audience Recording – 2nd Gen]

Led Zeppelin, Riverfront Coliseum
April 19, 1977, Cincinnati, Ohio

Audience Recording

Original Source Notes:

Master > 1st gen (Brian C) > 2nd gen cassette > 48kHz 24bit Audio DVD

“A Presence Production” mastered by Jason Peterson.

Pure and unadulterated, warts and all. Originally mastered at 192kHz 24bit, sample conversion to 48kHz completed with ProTools.

Notes: This comes from a 120min cassette. “In My Time of Dying” is missing from this recording, assuming it was played. The Gatecrash Riot bootleg actually uses that track from the recording the following night, the 20th, to make it seem more complete. The tape flip occurs just after “No Quarter,” and the sound quality improves noticeably. The bootleg may have EQ’d to account for this.

Conversion Notes:

Audio DVD Files (48KHz 24bit) > DVD Audio Extractor > WAV (48KHz 24bit) > WaveLab (sample rate converting to 44.1KHz with Apogee UV22 HR plugin, dither noise set to low, autoblack off) > WAV (44.1 kHz 16bit) > shn tool (stripping wav headers) > WAV > CD Wave (tracking) > WAV > TLH > flac level 8

Credits: Brian C., Charley C. and Jason Peterson.

Converted at March 1, 2008 by pernod / Bert13

Disc 1:

  1. Taper Introduction / Crowd Anticipation 1:06
  2. The Song Remains the Same 5:19
  3. Sick Again 7:03
  4. Nobody’s Fault But Mine 6:53
  5. Since I’ve Been Loving You 8:48
  6. No Quarter 23:16

Disc 2:

  1. Ten Years Gone 8:02
  2. The Battle of Evermore 6:43
  3. Going to California 4:55
  4. Cincinnati Fireball 0:33
  5. Black Country Woman 1:41
  6. Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp 5:54
  7. White Summer / Black Mountain Side 5:55
  8. Kashmir 9:10

Download from FileFactory: http://www.filefactory.com/file/1tqm8lvec4hb/LZ_1977-04-19%20Riverfront%20Coliseum,%20Cincinnati%20OH%20%5BAudience%20Recording%20-%202nd%20Gen%5D.rar

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