LZ 1977-04-25 Audience Recording – 1st Gen Remastered (Winston Remasters)

Led Zeppelin
Freedom Hall
Louisville, Kentucky
April 25, 1977
AUD – Remaster

Winstons Disclaimer: Remastering is just a Hobby.. take it and enjoy or just pass on it.
The choice is yours. This version is never meant to be definitive.

Lineage: Master cassettes>BonhamFan cassettes>Nak BX300 w/azimuth adjustment>HHB standalone CDR>EAC>CDWav>NTI>EAC>Remaster

Remastering notes: Cleaned up the sound & EQ’d for balance. Not perfect but the best I could do.

Again a big time thank You Bonhamfan for sharing your cassettes with us!!

Title: Louisville Slugger Remastered

Disc One
The Song Remains The Same
Sick Again
Nobody’s Fault But Mine
In My Time Of Dying
Since I’ve Been Loving You
No Quarter
Ten Years Gone

Disc Two
The Battle Of Evermore
Going To California
Black Country Woman
Bron Yr Aur Stomp
White Summer
Moby Dick

Disc Three
Guitar Solo
Achilles Last Stand
Stairway To Heaven
Rock And Roll

Please Bootleggers DO NOT SELL IN ANY FORMAT – Keep it Free 🙂
Please DO NOT mp3
Please DO ENJOY!!

*Artwork is Included

Winston Remasters

Download from FileFactory: http://www.filefactory.com/file/1i1edmd0sh0t/LZ_1977-04-25%20Audience%20Recording%20-%201st%20Gen%20Remastered%20(Winston%20Remasters).rar

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