LZ 1977-04-25 Kentucky Colonels (A Group Personal Project)

Led Zeppelin – “Kentucky Colonels”
(4-25-77), Louisville, Kentucky, Freedom Hall
Remastered Audience Recording, (A Group/Personal Project)

Lineage: “Louisville Slugger, Raw Tape Source”, (DADGAD), Master cassettes > BonhamFan cassettes >Nak BX300 w/azimuth adjustment > HHB standalone CDR > EAC > CDWav > NTI > EAC > FLAC > TLH, Decode > WAV > Remaster > Flac Frontend, Encoding Options, Level.8, Align On Sector Boundaries > Flac (All Tracks Tested With TLH, No Errors Occured)

Label: N/A
Original Taper: Danny

This is a Group/Personal Project by “those people your mother warned you about”, The 7th Son, Joel, Mark, Mike, and Acapulco Gold.

We hope that you’ll enjoy this project, and we hope that you’ll pass this recording along, and share it with others, or just pass, the choice is yours.

This is not meant to be a “definitive” recording.

Cheers and thanks go out to:

  • The taper Danny for taping and sharing his recording, if you’re out there, and you happen to pick this up, we hope that you’ll enjoy what we’ve done.
  • Bonhamfan for sharing Danny’s recording with everyone in the community.
  • DADGAD for transferring the recording, and sharing it with everyone in the community.
  • Everyone who was involved in the release of the Louisville tape, and “Louisville slugger”. Thank you for your generousity.
  • My mate Mark for putting together the artwork for this release,
  • My friend Mike for doing all those coffee runs for us.

Dedicated to “Peace And Brotherhood” in Louisville, and “Northern Dancer”.

Disc One:

1) The Song Remains The Same ( Cuts In Slightly)
2) Sick Again
3) Nobodys Fault But Mine
4) In My Time Of Dying (Includes: “You Shook Me” (Tease) )
5) Since I’ve Been Loving You
6) No Quarter (Includes: “The Nutcracker Suite”, Has A Cut Near The Beginning Of Song, Cut, Incomplete Song)
7) Ten Years Gone

Disc Two:

1) The Battle Of Evermore
2) Going To California ( Has A Small Tape Cut)
3) Black Country Woman
4) Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp ( Has A Small Tape Cut)
5) White Summer/Black Mountain Side
6) Kashmir
7) Over The Top/Moby Dick

Disc Three:

1) Guitar Solo (Includes: “Star Spangled Banner”)
2) Achilles Last Stand ( Has A Small Tape Cut)
3) Stairway To Heaven ( Has A Tape Cut During Crowd Cheers After Song)
4) Rock And Roll ( Cuts Out)


Please Do Not Convert To Lossy Formats
Please Do Not Sell
Please Share With Others

My Notes:

Notes about the concert, and the bands performance:

This is the first time my friends and I have worked on a 77 Zeppelin recording, and this performance is one of my favourite shows from that tour.

It’s a very tight, and professional performance from the group, not as loose as some of the other shows from the tour, but still very enjoyable.

The performance is marred with quite a few bad experiences though.

The crowd is quite aggressive, and un co-operative at times (Robert has to plead with the audience a couple of times to not rush the stage because people were getting hurt in the crush, but he basically gives up pleading with them near the end of the show).

Jimmy was almost clocked with a bottle during the concert, luckily, the bottle just clipped the neck of his guitar, and Jimmy wasn’t injured.

According to a review posted by BonhamFan (which I have posted/quoted here in my notes),the bottle incident really pissed Jimmy off, and had apparently set his guitar down and walked offstage with the rest of the group in tow, and didn’t return for about 15 minutes.

Jimmy was probably mulling over the possibility of cancelling the rest of the performance, but fortunately he returned to the stage, and of course the group finished the show.

It’s a shame that incident had to happen because the group are playing extremely well, and started off in good spirits, but I think overcoming that incident really shows the level of professionalism they all had.

Even though the bottle incident would be actual just cause for cancelling a concert (if it had hit Jimmy, it could’ve done some severe damage), they returned to finish what they started, kept their cool, and didn’t let the actions of one jackass ruin it for everyone who paid their money to see them.

The concert isn’t as long as other shows from the 77 tour, they have omitted “Trampled Underfoot” (sometimes performed as a second encore) from the setlist, and it was probably removed because of the bad experiences they had suffered.

It’s possible though that maybe they decided to wrap up the show early out of consideration for the people that were being crushed on the floor, to prevent anymore injuries.

Below, I have quoted a review/concert memories about the bands performance in Louisville that was posted by BonhamFan (who attended the concert, and is the person responsible for sharing the recording with the community).

I’ve also quoted all his tape source information (who the taper was, what kind of equipment they used, how he got the recording, it’s history, etc, etc):

“I attended this show in Louisville. I was actually in the front row “which took some doing”, but I was much younger then…

Two things of interest in this show were:

Some idiot threw a bottle (that wasn’t empty) up on stage which actually clipped Jimmy’s guitar. He sat his guitar down on the stand and left the stage. The remaining members also left shortly after. We heard that Jimmy was pissed off, and nearly cancelled the remainder of the show. I am glad he didn’t. Jimmy played as if nothing had happened.
I am sure that it was within the first half of the show. Jimmy shook his hand like it might have even hit his hand, or maybe what ever was in the bottle got on it.
They left stage for what seemed like 15 minutes or longer. Most people didn’t see it happen, so everyone was wondering why they suddenly stopped playing.

Another “Wasted” guy about five feet down from me, kept yelling “The Ocean, The Ocean, The Ocean…” between every song. Robert Plant eventually got annoyed and acknowledged him by asking him “what?”. The wasted guy said “The Ocean”. Robert replied saying “we have been playing the old shit”. I don’t think Robert understood his request. I still get a laugh telling that.

As far as the compact crowd, my jacket was soaking wet after the show. I had sneeked a pocket instamatic camera in, and got a whole roll of the show, but after developing them, they were all stretched, and blurred. The camera had gotten too wet to advance the film correctly. It was a really cheap camera…my bad…”

Another memory from the show was my being actually “in the front” allowed me to have really cool air blowing up from under the stage in my face! The people in the second row and deeper were suffocating, or so it seemed.
At one point the pressure of the crowd caused the wood started cracking within 5 feet of where I was. If it had broken before the roadies quickly nailed in braces, I would have gone head first into the edge of the stage. That was a tense few moments until they reinforced the barracade.

Some people were actually passing out from heat, and the air being used up and like a sauna behind me. They pulled at least 3 people out of the crowd right over me. I remember having someone’s boot hit me in the face as they got pulled over me.”

My tapes are a direct copy from my friend Danny who recorded with a dual mic boom box that he frequently took to concerts. His concert friends always brought extra blank tapes for when they took his from the recorder. He could convince them to bring his “radio” in lots of shows.
I haven’t been able to find Danny in Louisville for a long time. I will try to find him again.

I’ve actually listened to this recording several times to try and catch “the bottle incident” BonhamFan mentioned on the tape, and I personally can’t detect it in the recording.

Maybe I’m missing it, but I personally can’t pinpoint the moment where “the bottle incident” could’ve occured, which leads me to believe that if it happened, it wasn’t captured on tape.

I can hear other moments like when the drunk member of the audience yells out for “The Ocean”, and Robert says “we always play the old shit!”, and when Jimmy breaks his bow during the guitar solo, but not the bottle incident.

If someone knows when it might’ve occured, please let me know, but I’m starting to think that “the bottle incident” wasn’t captured on tape for these reasons:

Bonhamfan says in his review that it happened early in the bands set, I’ve listened to all of the first disc (first portion of the show), and the performance goes completely uninterupted (meaning that the band are sticking to their basic concert formula, play a song, then Plant does some plantations, then goes into the next song).
There is a moment where Plant yells “cool it!” during “Nobody’s Fault But Mine”, and during his plantations after they finish the song, asks the crowd to back up. That did delay the concert for a brief moment, but definately not 15 minutes.

So like I said before, the concert is following it’s basic formula, and that goes on for about minutes, when suddenly there’s a tape cut in “No Quarter”, which makes me believe that if the incident occured, it might have occured during “No Quarter”.

There’s quite a large portion of the song missing (the theramin soloing, and a lot of Jone’s piano playing are gone from the recording), so the incident might have happened when Jimmy was about to do the soloing, and he walked off the stage, and Danny (the taper), stopped recording because the band were gone for quite a while, and wanted to conserve tape.

It’s also possible that Danny may have missed “the bottle incident” by accident by just doing something like a tape flip.

Notes about the sound quality, and Why we chose to work on this recording:

As I stated before, I really enjoy this performance, it’s not only one of my favourite 77 performances, but one of my favourite audience recordings from that year.

I think it’s an overlooked recording because the tape does suffer from distortion in the channels from time to time (which can be grating on the ears from time to time), and has a few tape speed issues (particularly on “Going To California” where it almost slows down to a crawl).

The distortion does clear up from the recording though, and it becomes more balanced the further you get into the tape.

I’m actually quite impressed with it’s sound quality, pretty good sound for a concert that was taped with a boom box.

It must’ve been a pretty “top of the line” type of boom box to be able to capture a concert this well inside a venue as large as Freedom Hall.

Besides those issues, the tape does suffer from some volume issues, it’s not as loud as some recordings, but it’s a bit of an issue, and the volume kind of shifts from time to time.

What we’ve done to make this project:

  • We’ve tried to buffer out as much distortion as possible.
  • We’ve tried to balance the instruments, and give the listener a sense of acoustics/ambiance.
  • We’ve tried to correct the tape speed issues as best as we could.
  • We’ve tried to fix some of the shifts in the volume.

Highlights of this show are:

  • No Quarter
  • Kashmir
  • Achilles Last Stand
  • Stairway To Heaven

In regards to the title:

The title is a reference to the honourary title that’s bestowed upon citizens (and honourary citizens) of Kentucky, not the old ABA team “The Kentucky Colonels”, although that reference is sort of apt as well because the team did actually play their last few seasons at Freedom Hall (before the team had to unfortunately fold).

The Colonels existed from 1967-1976, and had one of the best records in the ABA when it existed, it’s a shame that they weren’t picked up by the NBA.

I Love their jerseys, wish I could find one of the old throw backs, I like to collect and wear them, my favourite is my throwback Bird Celtics jersey.

Hope you’ll enjoy!


Download from FileFactory: http://www.filefactory.com/file/1fvmzdz6tz63/LZ_1977-04-25%20Kentucky%20Colonels%20(A%20Group%20Personal%20Project).rar

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