LZ 1973-01-14 Days Of Heaven (Tattytura)

Led Zeppelin
14h January, 1973
Liverpool Empire, Liverpool, UK

Bootleg Title: Days Of Heaven

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Soundboard Recording

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1 Over The Hills And Far Away 6:03
2 Black Dog 6:13
3 Misty Mountain Hop 4:42
4 Since I’ve Been Loving You 8:25
5 Dancing Days 4:10
6 Bron-Y-Aur Stomp 5:50
7 The Song Remains The Same 6:01
8 The Rain Song 5:46
9 Dazed And Confused 23:38

1 Stairway To Heaven 11:14
2 Whole Lotta Love 23:48
3 Heartbreaker 7:19
4 The Ocean 4:19

LZ 1977-04-03 Fucking T.Y. (Tattytura – TAK 001~TAK 002~TAK 003)

Led Zeppelin
April 3, 1977
The Myriad, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Title: Fucking T.Y.
Label: TAK 001/2/3 Tattytura 1995
Sound: listenable but distant audience recording
Artwork: Yes

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CD 1: (75:21)
1) Introduction
2) The Song Remains the Same (muffled throughout)
3) The Rover intro./ Sick Again (muffled throughout, does clear up in the middle)
4) Nobody’s Fault But Mine (muffled from middle to end)
5) In My Time of Dying (starts muffled, clears up, then muffled on and off for rest of song)
6) Since I’ve Been Loving You (muffled in a few locations)
7) No Quarter (muffled near beginning, slightly muffled during piano boogie section, slightly muffled during guitar section, muffled in places near end)
8) Ten Years Gone
CD 2: (61:24)
1) The Battle of Evermore
2) Going to California (recorder rustled around during the intro., the audience gets a little talkative in the middle)
3) Black Country Woman (either muffled or PA problems in the middle)
4) Bron-Yr-Stomp
5) White Summer/Black Mountainside
6) Kashmir
7) Out on the Tiles intro./ Moby Dick (slightly muffled throughout the drum solo)
CD 3: (63:07)
1) Guitar solo
2) Achilles Last Stand (sound brightens near the beginning (PA fixed?)
3) Stairway to Heaven (some paper rustling near the recorder at the beginning)
4) Rock & Roll
5) Trampled Underfoot
Tampa Stadium, Tampa, Florida, June 3, 1977
6) The Song Remains the Same
7) The Rover intro./ Sick Again
8) Nobody’s Fault But Mine (severely muffled and rustled from middle to the end, small cut in the middle)
The sound quality of the audience tape from the Oklahoma show starts off mostly muffled and distant. Good at best. It is hard to determine if the muffled sound is the result of a faulty PA system or a poorly positioned recorder. The sound also brightens and dulls throughout the entire show. This may be attributed to adjustments made to the PA system. When the recording does clear up, the sound is very good. And for the most part, brighter. The instruments are well defined during these portions even though the recording is a little distant. A quieted audience lessens the distance by allowing better definition of the instrumentation. There is no noticeable tape hiss in either condition. The sound quality of tracks without notation after them fall into the very good category. The guitar solo preceding Achilles Last Stand does not include any anthems and is much shorter than later versions from this tour. Plant recalls before Stairway to Heaven the last time they were in Oklahoma (1970). The “experts” will disagree with Plant’s recollection (1971 is their assertion). The Tampa material is from an excellent audience recording. There is very little noticeable tape hiss until the muffled portion of Nobody’s Fault But Mine. Higher octaves reached by the band distort the recording slightly. During Nobody’s Fault But Mine, the tape becomes muffled as the taper packs up his equipment. Unfortunately this tape source does not contain the announcements cancelling the show. (Brian Ingham May 96)
Flac FingerPrints
LZ 4-3-77 Disc 101.flac:910934bc3d5c3c7f6a2dc12bd7e04a03
LZ 4-3-77 Disc 102.flac:181a2c8837480b48202c23894a0ff998
LZ 4-3-77 Disc 103.flac:b3622ee687b4cd01cbbdf1f65a0d41db
LZ 4-3-77 Disc 104.flac:c4cc540a72784934c0795f4cc411ee2b
LZ 4-3-77 Disc 105.flac:58d8f8379711548f536daf71143eb345
LZ 4-3-77 Disc 106.flac:77733da88a893318149b41903ba23cdf
LZ 4-3-77 Disc 107.flac:97710db6ccb4767bcf18cdf6f9ee306b
LZ 4-3-77 Disc 108.flac:abbd6e6429f970008dd7e09ab0a15781
LZ 4-3-77 Disc 201.flac:c314cccaa116939673507c663eeb2691
LZ 4-3-77 Disc 202.flac:aa5f3a31e3854b7aab1944d24dcad6f5
LZ 4-3-77 Disc 203.flac:18ec0dd3e5a5cf435d9d000e3400df9e
LZ 4-3-77 Disc 204.flac:f713876c2bbe706aa182557146b579f2
LZ 4-3-77 Disc 205.flac:23da53976b1622b04974258454e61a9b
LZ 4-3-77 Disc 206.flac:d524d5a2a52bfc5786b8afbfed44bf6b
LZ 4-3-77 Disc 207.flac:6f046dc21680b0ac2eec4347211f1818
LZ 4-3-77 Disc 301.flac:45337f74e2e8c8b0733655e526e47ff5
LZ 4-3-77 Disc 302.flac:751af06335559f996da0d445dd2bf31b
LZ 4-3-77 Disc 303.flac:60828b8f23fba9314749314e1ca4d13d
LZ 4-3-77 Disc 304.flac:95802e1a20a751c20aa6a7490487c456
LZ 4-3-77 Disc 305.flac:3e3af905ca45bd19ce1526b723e7fa6f
LZ 4-3-77 Disc 306.flac:8ba1e331a60d4d702cd21241159b0f9e
LZ 4-3-77 Disc 307.flac:0593ead9d2cfc05cdc15b3d768a2e04a
LZ 4-3-77 Disc 308.flac:7e3bf6f95b11524c13b352c11715bd13
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